Retailers prompted to invest in Canadian diamonds


Houlden’s Stuart Laing: Indies should snap up brands before multiples.

The trusted provenance of diamonds mined in Canada will make them a mainstay of the British jewellery industry before the end of the decade, Houlden Group members were told yesterday.

Stuart Laing, chief executive of Houlden and owner of luxury retailer Laings of Glasgow, urged members to consider stocking diamond jewellery from Canada Star, or risk losing the brand to a major UK multiple.

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He cautioned that Canada Star could go the same way as Canadian Ice, which signed an exclusive deal with Aurum group, and became the group’s best-selling diamond brand.

“Within five years, everybody sitting in this room will be selling Canadian diamonds, but if we [Houlden members] don’t move for Canada Star, a major multiple retailer will,” he said while stressing that he was not paid to promote the JSN-owned brand.

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