Jewellery designer Charlotte Lowe successfully launched her debut bridal line at International Jewellery London, with visitors impressed by the innovative new offer.

Charlotte Lowe is known in the industry for her sentimental collections of silver jewellery, and now she has expanded her offer to add gold and platinum pieces to her portfolio with a unique range of wedding and engagement rings.

At a glance, the engagement and wedding rings features stylish and contemporary textured bands, but a closer look reveals these textures are actually intricate little images within the metal.


Image these include a nod to the ‘Footprints in the Sand’ poem, and romantic themes such as ‘Sunset Chasers’, ‘Countryside Couple’ and ‘Dancing in the Rain’

‘Countryside Couple’ wedding ring design.

Debuting at International Jewellery London, the bridal offer received a lot of attention from visitors, with many jewellers keen to share the original engagement ring and wedding band options with their customers.

“It’s a must for those looking for something a little more unique and interesting than a plain gold or platinum band,” shares Lowe who reveals the launch of the collection has increased sales by 25% already this month.

With over 10 years experience in the jewellery industry Charlotte strives to deliver a unique and personal customer experience while handling customer’s precious photographs to create unique and treasured pieces.