Jewellery sales in Fraser Hart’s Brent Cross store have quadrupled since the national jeweller opened the doors to a revamped boutique in September 2017.

Before the busy Christmas trading period, Fraser Hart completely overhauled its Brent Cross store, which now represents a fresh new concept for the company.

Placing diamonds in the spotlight, and making sure its jewellery offering complements the high-end watch brands, Fraser Hart has used the Brent Cross boutique as a test to see what changes need to be made to boost business across the UK.


From a first glance, the store is brighter, and gives more space to jewellery than before. It’s also more modern, with cabinets taking inspiration from Jo Malone, yet it’s still instantly recognisable as a Fraser Hart boutique.

New brands have been added to the mix – with the business tailoring its offering specifically to the Brent Cross clientele – and the store has three distinct spaces: a Rolex concession; a watch area; and a diamond room.

Fraser Hart admits, like many jewellers in the UK, that it went through a period of watches dominating its stores, but now it’s going back to basics and balancing out its store products so that jewellery and watches work together to complement one another and in turn, enhance sales.

Although still in the early stages, and constantly being reviewed, the results so far have been remarkable, with the company’s jewellery sales in the Brent Cross boutique quadrupling over the last six months since the revamped store opened.

“We opened in September 2017, and it’s been really good so far and very promising,” explains Fraser Hart retailer director, Richard Parsons. “It sounds like a made up number but we have probably quadrupled our sales on jewellery because it is so prominent in the shop now. We didn’t think that we would do that, but we have.”

Alongside transforming the boutique interior and window displays, Fraser Hart has also introduced new brands to the Brent Cross store. These including fashion-focused Carat* London, Swarovski and Eclat, and higher end brands Chimento, Marco Bicego and Chopard.

“All of this is trying to make sure we are balancing the incredibly strong watch offer with our own jewellery,” adds Parsons. “We’ve probably focused a little bit more on watches in the past, but we’ve put a lot of effort into getting the balance back and using it all to complement each other. This is what we are going to do moving forward, try and give all our products a more equal space. We’ve also introduced some diamond shop-in-shops, which we have never done before, but we wanted to reinforce how important our diamond offering is.”

The next store to receive the same makeover as Brent Cross will be Fraser Hart Stratford.