Professional Jeweller asks a selection of leading silver jewellery brands what they are doing to stand out and push the silver market forward.

Here’s what brands say they are doing to innovate in the silver sector…



We are trying to create a new way for women to express their story through jewellery, a way to create meaningful jewellery that is more than just an adornment. A meaning for gift, whether it be a gift to yourself or a gift to someone in your life. A way to express your story.


Our design team regularly conducts market research to ensure our collections differentiate and are innovative. We ‘test’ all of our collections in our own stores and department store concessions. Only the best performing collections are then introduced to our wholesale range, so we can be sure that our wholesale collections have commercial appeal.


As the original UK stacking brand, we set ourselves apart from others by producing bracelets, necklaces and rings that look beautifully stacked and layered. Customers continually choose to buy our sterling silver jewellery to create a strong stacked up bohemian ChloBo look. Additionally, in the last two years we have upped our game and have focused on creating intricate and finer detailed designs which has proven popular in store and online. We have had endless feedback from retailers and customers who say our 925 sterling silver designs are luxurious quality but yet are an affordable price.


I think the key to keeping silver interesting is playing around with new chains, textures, stones and designs. Our design team at Daisy has expanded over the past few months meaning in due course our silver offering will only be getting more interesting… watch this space.


There’s a lot of possibility within the silver market and our aim is to bring something new with each collection. Recently we’ve used ombre techniques with pearls and gemstones, redesigned the classic photo locket and we’ve been at the forefront of the personalisation trend since we launched the collections in 2014.


We are continually looking at how to evolve our collections to ensure we are offering something which feels new and fresh in all of our ranges. We look at a number of influences to drive our collections forward and add innovation where we can, including what is happening in fashion, consumer trends, nature, architecture, what people are wearing on the streets, as well as what our customers are asking for.


We are always developing innovative newness across all three of our brands and our Autumn releases are going to be packed full of exciting new designs. We also have some exceptional plans in relation to how our website might be used to support the high street by specifically aiming to drive online footfall ‘offline’. Lots of exciting plans as always.


We are behaving differently, insuring everything is joined up beautifully, and we are constantly evolving every level of our business at every touch point. We are proud to be a relatively small player but finding a place and market share among very big global brands.  Our retailers seem to appreciate us for not attempting global domination and quietly innovating within our positioning of our brand as part of our appeal.


The launch of Generation Charm Club is a reimagination of the charm business, a fusion between charms and jewellery giving the customer more scope to create personal, bespoke pieces for the neck as well as the wrist.   Fashion forward and trend led charms including vintage zodiac signs and custom typography initials are part of the 260 strong collection that includes for the first time Rebel at heart charms.  Appealing to the existing Charm Club customer but also reaching out to a younger, millennial mind set inspired by the catwalks but wanting to create their own style with their own personal combinations.


We always try to be innovative in regards designs and materials. We like to combine silver with innovative materials, like steel, titanium and tungsten, and also combination between silver and gold is interesting. In regards stones we thing that coloured CZ stones will be getting more popular. Further in our opinion personalisation is a key trend and engraving in particular.  


Our innovation techniques involve constant internal analysing of every piece we create by form and by dimension. Everything else is mathematics, silver rate, weight etc. By doing so we can learn to identify which pieces have the highest potential of attracting the eye of the consumer. This innovative technique reduces the risk of creating possible future non selling pieces. Hence, our sell through rate is very high.