Jewellery retail giant Fraser Hart has revealed how it empowers and engages with shop floor staff members to ensure staff retention and quality customer service.

In an exclusive Interview with Professional Jeweller, the company’s retail director Richard Parsons said a good commission scheme, feeling of ownership and an emphasis on being a family business helps keep staff connected.

“We’ve learnt our lesson that we lose people we haven’t necessarily recruited well, or we haven’t done a good enough job of inducting them into the business,” Parsons reveals. “When we do a good job we keep them for a long time, and we have good longevity within Fraser Hart, and we’ve got good service levels. “


He continues: “You still lose people but we work very hard to keep the people we want to keep, and we have a very good commission scheme that we have just changed to be more team related.”

Parsons explains the company has recently changed its commission scheme to be team related, rewards store sales rather than individuals sales to create an environment where everyone is working together to achieve high results.

“Rather than paying commission on individual sales we are paying on the team achieving its targets, and we like that philosophy. Rather than the risk of our people feeling like car salesmen, we want them to feel like they are doing it for the good of the team and when the team hits everyone wins,” shares Parsons. “When the market is tough you’ve got to create a philosophy and then stick to it, and we are very much about team, and Fraser Hart is effectively a family business, it is still privately-owned and we try and retain that kind of feel within the business because that’s our best USP.”

In terms of empowering store managers, in the last year Fraser Hart has given every manager their own profit and loss accountability so they are aware of business numbers and can take ownership for their part In the company.

“I think to ask somebody to take ownership and not share that information is really difficult. So we have now given them the info they would need to take ownership,” says Parsons. “Obviously there are still people who are learning about that because it’s a big ask to get everybody to get it, but some people have really grasped a hold of that and taken a genuine ownership of their business.

“We also try to treat our managers like grown-ups and have as much transparency about the business as we possibly can. “

The next step will be to get the team to help tailor the store’s products to the customers in the area they are located.