The National Association of Jewellers has published the third version of its guidance for jewellery stores to follow, as non-essential retail in England gears up for a June 15 reopening date.

The guidance now includes clear differentiation between tasks and activities that are ‘mandatory’ and could be ‘considered’ by jewellery stores after the Association received feedback from members in some areas.

Key changes to note in the guidance, which refer to dealing directly with jewellery products, include:


  • Jewellers should use usual cleaning products to clean jewellery, work surfaces and areas, unless a suspected case of Covid-19 has been reported, in which case specific decontamination guidance should be adhered to.
  • Customer returns should be stored in a container or separate room for 72 hours or cleaned using usual cleaning products.
  • All jewellery that the customer has touched must be cleaned using your usual cleaning products/ process before being returned to the shop floor. Clean incoming customers own jewellery thoroughly as you would normally with soap/water/ultrasonic as is appropriate for the jewellery type. Then package it. If cleaning is not possible, or if the item is heavily soiled store in a container or separate room for at least 72 hours.

The updated guidance also reveals that European retailers have reported initial flurries of activity upon re-opening from pent up demand, but then demand has swiftly moved to ‘constant’ i.e. no peak periods during the day. After the initial flurry, retailers have operated flat staffing levels.

Alongside the third version of its guidance, the National Association of Jewellers  has revealed plans for a Covid Safe: Awareness Course.

From next week, the Association will publish an online training course for employees returning to work.

Head of education at the NAJ, Marie Garnett, explains:  “With many employees returning to work, we felt is sensible to put together the guidance we’ve issued for business leaders in an alternative format for employees. This way all parties, customers included can be assured that all people in store have gone through a relevant return to work programme for the jewellery sector.”

The online course, which is built on the ‘4 pillar people first’ guidance, will be available to NAJ members for free, for as many staff members as they wish to put through.

However, it will cost non-members of the Association £100 per company.

On completion of the course, each individual will receive a certificate of completion displaying the Association crest alongside the ‘StoreSafe logo’.

A tailored course for manufacturers and suppliers is also being delivered, again free to members but charged at £100 per company for non-members.

The launch will follow a ‘Be Covid-19’ safe webinar at 11am on Tuesday (June 2), hosted by industry consultant Helen Dimmick.

Similar to the retailer course, the aim of the webinar is to help jewellery retailers to feel confident about the return to work and understand how you can protect yourself, your co-workers and your customers from catching and spreading Covid-19.

Check out Professional Jewellers ultimate checklist for reopening below. Please note our industry checklist is based on the Government guidelines:

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