When it comes to making self-purchases, what is today’s modern woman looking for in a piece of fine jewellery?

We ask industry experts to shed some light..

Susie Ekelund, bespoke manager, Alex Monroe


“The modern woman is buying for herself. So she’s looking for something that represents her independence and individuality. She is investing in a good quality item which she can wear all day, throughout her busy life.  Something delicate that can be layered with bolder more dressy occasion pieces. An element of sentiment and meaning is important.”

Ella Drake, UK country manager, Ro Copenhagen

“The modern woman juggles many plates, and we want a number of things from products that we invite into our lifestyle to ease life’s stresses and bring us joy. When I plan and market for Ro’s customer, who is a modern woman, I think of her as having a discerning eye, empowered yet sensitive, and who desires quality over quantity.”

Nilufer Kizilkaya, creative director, GFG Jewellery

“Today’s modern woman I would not want to box in a description as we are all so versatile, though what I can say is that we have a stronger voice, that we make more conscious decisions about our environment and surroundings. On purchasing fine jewellery I believe that fine craftsmanship is still one of the top criteria — though alongside quality I believe we would like to make more conscious decisions, such as giving back to communities and responsibly sourcing gemstones.”

Amina Ghali, head designer, Azza Fahmy

“Today’s modern woman is more confident, self-empowering and active. She creates her own sense of style and looks for items that are reflection of her character. Most importantly, she wants to feel that if she’s making an investment, she is able to wear it on multiple occasions with multiple outfits, day and evening. Something that also has a timeless element.”

Naomi Newton-Sherlock, creative director, Domino

“Choice, individual expression and quality. The key consumer trends are being exhibited by all genders, whether that’s personalisation through stacking and layering or through customisation of metal, stone, pattern or design. Modern consumers seek out jewellery that is a reflection of their personality and individual story. Modern consumers may also seek reassurance that the product is ethical; our retailers can be confident that we take our responsibilities seriously.”

Rachael Nash, marketing director, Curteis

“Design, quality, wearable everyday pieces, ethical, the story behind the brand. Consumer conscience is feeding through and the question of sustainability and the use of fair trade products are increasingly popular. Of course the self-purchase market is carving out suitable price points but there is an element of uniqueness required and a requirement for good quality well finished jewellery.”


IMAGE CREDIT: Domino Jewellery