Professional Jeweller- Collections of the year 2016
Professional Jeweller- Collections

Welcome to Professional Jeweller’s Collections of the Year 2016, the magazine’s annual celebration of the most commercially successful and visually exciting wholesale ranges launched into the UK jewellery market over the past 12 months.

Over the following pages we invite you to discover 50 jewellery collections that have inspired, delighted and – most importantly – won sales for UK jewellery retailers. In each of the 10 categories you’ll find a winner and four highly commended collections. This year the categories cover luxury jewellery, accessible fine jewellery, bridal jewellery, silver jewellery, fashion jewels, men’s collections, pearl jewellery, personalised ranges, ethical jewellery and emerging designer collections.

Professional Jeweller opened the nominations process for Collections of the Year in October and was delighted to receive more entries than ever before. The wide range of nominations was then whittled down to just five collections per category by the Professional Jeweller editorial team. The finalists in each category were then put to the public vote to allow readers and fans of the brands to determine which collections were the most popular and should be given a Professional Jeweller Collections of the Year title.


By day one, the survey attracted just shy of 1,000 votes. By the end of the five day run, over 2,500 people had taken the time to nominate their favourite collections, with some choosing one in each category and others supporting just one range.

Some categories, such as Accessible Fine Jewellery Collection of the Year, witnessed extremely tight runs, with brands competing neck and neck right up to the final moment. Others had clear winners that swallowed up the majority of the votes from start to finish. The strength of the battle relied heavily on social media, as brands turned to Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram to drum up support from fans. Twitter proved most popular, with many receiving a spike in votes soon after tweeting about the competition.

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Ethical Jewellery

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