Welcome to the fourth edition of the Professional Jeweller Reach List, a comprehensive study into the digital reach of the biggest specialist jewellery brands and retailers in the UK.

This list examines the online power players and measures their digital footprint in the UK through quantitative analysis of web traffic, using a ranking system set by Alexa, a subsidiary of Amazon, as well as social media engagement on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, to create an overall digital reach figure.

This reach has then been compared with industry peers in key categories including fine and fashion brands, jewellery retailers and auction houses. The top five players in each will be unveiled in our exclusive Reach List 2018 report, which can be found on the following pages.
The Alexa ranking used to calculate the top five businesses uses a proprietary methodology that combines a site’s estimated number of daily unique visitors and page views over three months. It tracks worldwide market share for all websites, from Google (ranked number 1) downwards.


To ensure our reach list is focused on UK shoppers, we have used the UK ranking to determine placement and sites without UK rankings were excluded. However, for the independent jeweller category we have had to use a global ranking.

Social media has become an increasingly important battleground for top companies as they jostle for market share, with platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter used to engage, influence and interact with customers.

The annual Reach List provides an exclusive insight into the jewellery companies reaching the most UK consumers online via these vital platforms.

Alongside revealing the companies with the largest reach, we have also analysed the accounts of the big players to provide insights into what businesses in the UK jewellery industry can be doing to harness the power of social media.

So without further ado, we present the 2018 results…

Click on the categories below to see the winners of each:

Top 5 Fashion Brands

Top 5 Luxury Brands

Top 5 Independent Retailers

Top 5 High Street Chains

Top 5 Specialist E-tailers

Top 5 Auction Houses