Jeweller William May has conducted research by analysing Instagram posts, revealing the most popular engagement ring trends for the coming year.

William May looked at over 1,000 Instagram posts, using the hashtag #engaged, after The Diamond Insight Report revealed that nearly half of Gen Z would use the platform to look at engagement ring trends.

The research revealed that the most popular engagement ring is still a “simple and timeless” style, typically made of white gold or platinum (69%) and set with a classic solitaire diamond and between 0.5-1ct (58%).


Nearly 90% opt for a diamond, but coloured stones are still popular. This, the report says, is thanks to those chosen by celebrities like Katy Perry and Kate Middleton.

Round is still the most popular stone shape, with cluster and oval shapes also top choices.

Only 2% opted for a stone size of 1.5ct or more.

Nick Withington, spokesperson for William May said: “When people are looking to buy the ‘perfect’ ring, it can be a huge pressure for buyers to dare to choose a ring that leans away from a timeless choice.

“The analysis we conducted revealed that a large percentage of people still keep to a tight budget based on the carat size and overall design of the ring. We would always advise to go with your heart when making the choice and perhaps even take note of the other jewellery items your partner wears for inspiration”.