Next year Beaverbrooks will celebrate 100 years on the high street, with the last four years being some of the best to date for the national jeweller.

As sales soar and the jewellery retailer continues to be named one of the best companies to work for in the UK, many in the industry would like to know the secret to Beaverbrooks’ success.

Whilst of course the directors are not going to give everything away, in an exclusive interview with Professional Jeweller chairman Mark Adlestone revealed it is “evolution”, “change”, and “open-mindedness” that keeps the company thriving.


“It’s that ability to adapt to the challenges,” the chairman explains. Adding: “To not be scared by change, and actually to embrace change. So at 99 years old we are still evolving. In many ways we are a very mature business and in some ways not. We are not mature in terms of e-commerce, we are not particularly mature in the south of England in terms of presence, so it’s evolution, change and open-mindedness.”

Managing director, Anna Blackburn, adds that during the company’s time in business, its main focus has never changed, and this is also key to the retailer’s success.

She shares: “We have real focuses in terms of how we do business and they have never changed. Our focus on our people is absolutely critical and the quality of our product is absolutely paramount to ensure we give them the right service. So while profitability has always been important, ultimately we aim to make sure we are a great employer and do right by our customers. Those things have never changed.”

Find out more about one of the country’s leading jewellers in the September issue of Professional Jeweller.