Rising Stars

From the moment Kristina Smith set up Ark Jewellery in 2019 the brand has prioritised the use of sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices.

The founder believes that the jewellery industry’s bad reputation when it comes to environmental responsibility is not unwarranted, and decided that she wanted to change that.

Thus, since day one, Kristina and Ark’s mission has been to educate and raise awareness of the importance of looking after the planet.


Of course, the jewellery is important too though. Despite a difficult 2020 the new brand managed to release not one but two new collections.

Her pieces combine recycled or Fairtrade materials, often mixing wood with fine metals, along with new design technologies and 3D printing.

“Art without a story is meaningless,” says Kristina. “But like all good art, my pieces give you room to discover your own emotions and connections and weave them into a story that ultimately makes them part of your life.”