Anna Burkett is an absolute asset to Fabulous Jewellers and Mantra Jewellery, which are both owned by Jo Stroud.

Having started as a Christmas temp ten years ago, Burkett is now not only in charge of running the Fabulous boutique in Leamington Spa, which is a busy role in itself, but she also manages the ordering and production of stock for Mantra Jewellery.

With her retail cap on, Burkett has grown and developed a young team of shop floor staff who regularly score 100% on external mystery shops, and have earned the loyalty and respect of local customers and tourists alike. She’s also runs the store’s busy programme of events, including the company’s successful Garden Party, which she plans, organises, manages on the day, and co-hosts with the store’s founder, who sets high sales targets for the event, which Burkett and her team always exceed.


For Mantra, Burkett’s responsibilities include balancing web, event, store, and wholesale needs.

She also helps exhibit the brand at consumer events — planning and packing stock beforehand; meeting with consumers; and selling thousands of pounds worth of stock during.

Burkett gets through a sheer volume of work and she does so at an extremely high level.

The last 12 months have seen a 150% increase in Mantra’s online sales and a 30% rise in sales per event — much of which can be attributed to the careful stock management role that Burkett plays.