Katie Shirt was appointed as new product development administrator in March 2018, with a remit to support the project management of Domino Jewellery’s new product initiatives.

Shirt’s role is integral to the efficiency and effectiveness of not only the new product development process but also of many other wider business functions. She is responsible for setting up all products on the internal ERP system to enable ordering and manufacture and for the management of master data which is used for product set up as well as in brochures and across the website. She also ensures system prices are up to date and manages product availability, all the while liaising with internal CAD and manufacturing teams.

It it not easy to balance so much at once, but Shirt gets the job done quickly and professionally.
Domino Jewellery describes Shirt as a diligent and efficient member of the team. Her role is critical to keeping the entire process and organisation moving and for that the company is extremely grateful to the attention to detail she gives to each task in her care.


Shirt is a central point of information and communication for Domino, liaising with designers and the CAD, marketing, buyer, sales, manufacturing and operations teams, ensuring that Domino Jewellery customers have a seamless supply chain experience.

Domino commends her for being determined, driven, approachable and an excellent project manager.