River Mounts - AW18

Bridal jewellery supplier River Mounts has been planning how best to support its retailers during the COVID-19 pandemic since the outbreak first occurred at the start of this year.

A heavy focus has been put on the company’s digital channels, with a lot of time, effort and investment directed towards the CRM, so staff are well equipped to work from home, and the website, so jewellers can order products quickly and efficiently.

Account executive, Sequoia O’Reilly, shares: “There are a lot of exciting opportunities out there – especially on social media and online. Our website is helping customers who are needing to work from home and relying on price/availability out of hours.”


New website features include an ‘Engagement Ring Finder’, which allows jewellers to filter through over a thousand of the company’s most popular ring designs to narrow down a customer’s perfect piece, check stock for that item and reserve/order.

By next month, River Mounts aim to have an earring and pendant finder up and running too.

During a time where customers will most likely communicate with consumers online, these finders will help jewellers easily find the right products, at the right prices for their customers.

Furthermore, the team have been putting measures in place to ensure staff will be at the trade’s service throughout the crisis.

 “As a business, we’ve been putting measures in place since January in case of government lock down, so we are fully prepared to continue working through this time,” says O’Reilly.

She continues: “We’re lucky enough that we now have a lot of staff, so all of our UK locations will be on rotation (half in one week, deep clean and then the other half in the next week) in order to minimise the amount of contact the team have with each other to keep everyone as healthy as possible, and also to ensure that if someone were to develop symptoms within a team, they would switch teams immediately to try and keep people in the offices to continue with customer orders at all times.”

Staff members, where possible, are also working from home with cleaning suppliers so they can be safe wherever they are.

“If anyone needs any support or any help during this time, we encourage them to get in touch, and we will help them with as much as we can,” O’Reilly affirms.