RJC celebrates 500 members and 363 on-board with Code of Practices.

The RJC is celebrating reaching a new milestone in its ninth year, by securing over 500 members, 363 of which are certified against the RJC Code of Practices (COP).

After completion of a rigorous self-assessment process, all RJC Commercial Members commit to an independent third party audit to verify their conformance with RJC’s COP.


Over the first six months of 2014, RJC saw a healthy growth in membership applications to reach 511.

Interim chief executive officer Catherine Sproule, said: “An increase of 9.2% in Membership in the first two quarters of 2014 shows the growing commitment to ethical, responsible business practices in the jewellery industry. Businesses operating across the industry are keen to learn more about supply chain issues and demonstrate to their stakeholders how they act diligently. The tangible value of RJC’s standards and Member support and the credibility it provides to businesses of all sizes in the jewellery supply chain is attested to in RJC’s continued growth since its inception in 2005.”

RJC members have more than 5,900 facilities covered by certification in more than 53 countries.

With Annual Relevant Sales (ARS) of RJC’s commercial members amounting to US$52.1 billion (£30.9bn) and US$11.8bn (£7bn) in retail sales, RJC certification is linked to a thriving collective of business ventures. 

The RJC 2009 and 2013 COP are available in seven languages including English, French, Italian, Gujarati, Simplified Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.