RJC welcomes diamond traders Rubel & Menasche

Responsible Jewellery Council certifies French trader as fifth member

French diamond trader Rubel & Ménasché has become the fifth certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

The certification sees the trader as matching the ethical, human rights, social and environmental standards as
established by the RJC’s Certification System.

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Michael Rae, chief executive of the RJC said: "The RJC warmly congratulates Rubel & Ménasché on becoming its fifth certified Member. The successful verification assessment of Rubel & Ménasché was conducted by Jean-Baptiste Lescop and Marie-Charlotte Druesne of Ernst & Young et Associes (France), one of the independent third party auditing firms trained in the RJC’s System.”

Rubel & Ménasché was created in 1998 by the merging of two renowned houses, Rubel – founded in 1952 – and Ménasché France, founded in 1950. Rubel & Ménasché is known for its high quality diamonds, ranging from 1500 pct. (0.5mm) to 3 pct. (4.5mm). The diamonds are polished in Russia and China, with top fancy shapes and additional services such as re-cutting carried out for the most famous "Maisons" in the jewellery industry.

"Rubel & Ménasché is not working with a classic commercial methodology: our constant exchanges of information and discussions with our clients, our providers and partners, allow us to think that we offer a truly unique service" said Stephan Wolzok, director of Rubel & Ménasché. 

"Our stock of consistently sorted goods allows us to process orders and ship them immediately. We are constantly trying to improve our internal and external process and thus began last year [with] different international certifications: European customs (A.E.O.), ethical and internal (RJC). The accomplishment of the RJC member certification was a very logical step for us to take to contribute to Sustainable Development" he added.




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