A robber has been jailed after his violent attempt to steal from a North Finchley jewellers went wrong.

Joshua Packman, the Evening Standard reported, has been sentenced to eight years behind bars after stabbing a jeweller couple in their store.

The owners of Gold Leaf Jewellers fought with Packman after he pulled a knife. Both received stab wounds but survived.


During the fray, a customer reportedly hit the assailant over the head with a mirror, later being awarded £800 by the judge presiding over the case for his act of bravery.

Packman then fled the store with nothing more than the owner’s handbag. He is reported to have spent a total of £230 using her bank card.

When police caught up with Packman, 28, he had to be tasered after attacking two officers.

The Evening Standard quoted Judge Vanessa Francis as saying to the guilty party: “Everyone inside the shop was clearly terrified by what you did, and Mrs Rathod rightly believed you were prepared to do harm to her and everyone else.

“It is clear your only thought was for yourself and your needs. The troubling part of the case is you were prepared to use such an extreme amount of violence for such a little return.”

Packman, who has a long history of run-ins with the law as well as mental illness, is sentenced to eight years with four more years on licence after his release.