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Robinson Pelham launches Ear Edit service

London, ENGLAND. 28 April 2021: Vanessa Chilton and Hannah Silver, Jewellery Editor, Wallpaper choosing earrings at Robinson Pelham. Photo By: Max Cisotti

London jewellers Robinson Pelham is launching a new Ear Edit service to allow customers to tap into the expertise and knowledge of the store’s founders.

The jewellery store in Chelsea has opened the new service after a demand from shoppers on how to style earrings with multiple ear piercings, and will operate much like a personal shopping experience.

Customers will be able to book an appointment to speak to an ear stylist or one of the founders of Robinson Pelham, Zoe Benyon, Kate Pelham-Burn and Vanessa Chilton.

They said: “We have been dealing with customers with 25 years and we bring experience to issues such as skin tone, ear shape, piercing positions and confidence.

We launched the orb hoop collection in 2015. The EarWish collection was launched a while after and we soon realised that styling our clients helped them understand the concept of how to wear all the different components of our Ear menu.”

So far the service has attracted mums and daughters, girls on a day out together, grandmothers and granddaughters as well as men coming in to seek advice.


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