The founder of jewellery subscription service Rocksbox is stepping down as CEO of the company.

Meaghan Rose founded Rocksbox 10 years ago and last year sold it to Signet Jewelers.

In a LinkedIn post Rose revealed that Alison Vigil will take over as president.


Rose said: “I’m proud to share that Allison Vigil will be Rocksbox’s new [p]resident! Ali has been an invaluable partner and leader within Rocksbox for the past [six] years.

“She is authentic, passionate, and a beloved leader on the team and I’m excited to see how Rocksbox evolves through her leadership.

“And I know that Rocksbox will continue to thrive within the Signet family. Signet is not only a great strategic fit, but also a values fit.

“Being on the Signet leadership team this past year, learning from Gina Drosos and her leadership team has been an incredible learning experience and privilege.

“I am so deeply proud of what Rocksbox has grown into. Our vision was to be a trailblazer in the category, to make [jewellery] more accessible, and to inspire joy and self love in others.

“Today we are part of the largest [jewellery] brand in the world, bringing our vision to life on a larger playing field.”

Meanwhile, new president Alison Vigil commented: “Meaghan Rose founded the company in 2012, transforming the way people experience and shop for [jewellery], and along the way building an incredible brand and team.

“I have been inspired equally by her strategic mindset as her values-forward leadership.

“Thank you, Meg, for inviting me on this journey, for the opportunity to learn from you and carry your vision forward, and for a lifelong friendship.”

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