Romantic Brits still splashing out on engagements


Survey shows 40% of consumers put “no price” on romance.

Britons are still prepared to splash out serious sums on engagement rings and other ‘love tokens’ despite the continuing recession, says the latest research.

According to a new survey by retail deals firm, 40% of Brits adhere to the maxim, "there is no price on love" when it comes to choosing an engagement ring for their loved one.

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Indeed, it seems we as a nation have a fairly fixed idea about what engagement rings ought to cost; of those surveyed through the company’s website, 11% said that prospective grooms should pay twice their monthly salary. A further 30% of those polled said that they would be prepared to spend at least £500 to secure the right ring.

Interestingly, however, one wedding tradition in particular does appear to be dying out: the survey showed that an overwhelming 94% of men would no longer expect the bride’s family to fund their wedding.

It isn’t just those getting hitched that are prepared to spend up large. The survey also showed that, when embarking on a new relationship, Brits like to make a big effort. Of those polled, 46% said they had received flowers from a new date, while 25% were treated to new jewellery.

Conversely, meanness over gift-buying can spell disaster for romantic relationships. According to the survey’s voters, 25% of people would be prepared to finish with a partner if they considered them ‘stingy’.

“Our research regularly throws up some interesting opinions, and this time it shines a light on people’s attitudes to money and romance,” said managing director Doug Scott.



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