Diamond jewellery brand Royal Asscher is looking to expand its retail network in the United Kingdom.

The family diamond business has announced it will be hosting a unique introductory day on March 13 2018 in London, where retailers can view the latest collections, and hear all about Royal Asscher’s heritage and future plans.

With a rich history with England, and a distinctive diamond offering, the Royal Asscher Diamond Company is uniquely placed to equip UK jewellers with a strong story and product to help boost sales during tough trading conditions.


President of Royal Asscher, Lita Asscher, explains: “We have a strong connection with England from the past, there is an amazing opportunity to use our story for offering clients a unique experience that they cannot find in any other diamond jewellery brand. We are looking to find the right partners in retail.”

The Asscher family are best known for being the creators of the original Asscher cut, and cutting the world famous Cullinan diamond.

Founded in 1854 in Amsterdam, the Royal Asscher Diamond Company is still family owned and operated by the fifth and sixth generation: Edward, Lita and Mike Asscher.

It was Joseph Asscher, second generation of the Asscher family that cut and polished the Cullinan diamond in 1907, the largest diamond in the world. The nine largest stones that came out of the Cullinan diamond are now in the Crown Jewels of England in the tower of London.

The family have made replicas of these crown jewels, which will be showcased at the UK retailer’s day in March.

The retail event will commence at 10.30am, and will include a presentation, and one-to-one time with the directors of the company. Attendees will also receive lunch and coffee, and be able to view first-hand the design and craftsmanship which goes into every piece produced by the family.

Retailers interested in joining the Royal Asscher Diamond Company at the UK event should email interest to Jim Rustveld – jim@royalasscher.com.