Peter Keightley sold business in 2009; now returning to fine design.

Peter Keightley, the founder and original owner of jewellery retailer Rubinstein Keightley, has launched a new bespoke jewellery design company called Rutland Goldsmiths, with a former employee.

Keightley sold the Rubinstein Keightley retail business in 2009 to new owners who ran it into administration, with the store closing last year.


As part of the sale contract he was required to cease working as a jeweller and refrain from contacting clients for three years, however since the retail business has gone under, he has been able to revive his work as a bespoke jeweller, joining forces with Krzysztof Sekula, a master goldsmith that worked at Rubinstein Keightley and who Keightley has known for eight years.

He said: “After selling the business I was limited by contractual restrictions, and was not able to work in the jewellery trade or with previous clients of the business for several years.

“As a result of their closure, I am now free to return to the work I have always loved – designing and hand-making precious jewellery.”

Keightley re-iterated that he had no association with the closure of Rubinstein Keightley.

He told Professional Jeweller that he was able to buy back jewellery-making equipment from the liquidators, including a laser welding machine, and has been pleased that a number of clients – some dating back to 1986 when he first began working as a goldsmiths – have been in touch seeking his service, or to send their best wishes for his new venture as Rutland Goldsmiths.

He and Sekula will now operate as Rutland Goldsmiths, offering client services such as bespoke design, remodelling, restoration and repair of damaged, antique or historical jewels, and valuations of modern and antique jewellery.

"We are very low key and intend to stay that way. No smart showroom. No snazzy advertising. No online shop. Just an ability to turn ideas into beautiful designs, and the skills and experience to bring them to life in precious metal," he added.