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‘Rules of jewellery wholesale will be rewritten due to pandemic’


Dynamics between the different tiers of the jewellery supply chain are constantly evolving – but the pandemic has only served to accelerate the pace of change.

That’s according to Cathie Osborne, founder of multi-brand retail agency Retaissance, which aims to facilitate sales opportunities for brands and give retailers easy access to new suppliers.

She believes that collaboration will be king as the market as the market emerges from the other side of the pandemic and that conventional wholesale rules will ultimately be rewritten.

“Wholesale models have changed with retailers preferring small minimum orders and higher levels of replenishment,” she says. “For brands, a demand-driven model is imperative to grow sales, reach new stockists and improve everyone’s bottom line.

“We have a database of 9,000 retailers and, through partners, a reach of 1.3 million worldwide. We combine this with a sales service that gives brands the tools, access and control to trade globally, and gives retailers frictionless access to the top brands of the world.”

Osborne stresses that the company is certainly not looking to replace existing supplier relationships – calling them the “backbone of our sector” – but she is exploring new ways for suppliers and retailers to enable growth in sales and build resilience through the recovery.

“Brands can support their retailers, with a demand focused model, and also to gain more outlets and channels to increase sales in the UK and globally. From a retailer’s perspective, we are offering a number of solutions to bring additional revenue into store. We represent a wide range of fantastic brands that are looking for eyes on their products and offer a drop shipping model. These can be picked, packed and dispatched directly to the customer or direct to you for a click and collect service with no risk.

“Retailers such as John Lewis and Harvey Nichols already operate this model and the retailer keeps around 25% without having to buy or touch a product. We also offer retailers innovative ways to add value and increase footfall through in-store pop-up events, VIP events with brand founders in attendance to engage consumers with their strong stories, muses and reason for being.”

The full interview with Cathie Osborne can be read in the latest edition of Professional Jeweller, available HERE as a digital edition.


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