Russian company produces 5ct synthetic diamond

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New Diamond Technology claims to have produced largest man-made gem.

A Russian lab-grown diamond manufacturer is claiming to have produced a 5.11ct diamond, described as the largest man-made near colourless stone ever produced.

According to a report by JCK, New Diamond Technology says the unenhanced radiant-cut type IIA diamond, produced by the high-pressure, high temperature (HPHT) method, bears a K SI grade, but it has not yet been sent to an independent lab.

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Experts are now questioning whether the process could be repeated, or if the diamond will have a commercial appeal.

New Diamond Technology says it has a “new approach” that lets it produce lab-grown gems with superior colour and clarity. It produces gems ranging from 4cts to 11cts, some of which fall into the 1ct to 4ct size range when polished. Colours range from D to H and clarities from IF to SI2.

If the diamond is proven to be legitimate it will beat the 3.04ct round grown by Pure Grown Diamonds.

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