Professional Jeweller Awards 2017 at the Kensington Roof Gardens

Independent jewellery retailer Nicholas Wylde has revealed 2017 was its best year on record.

Talking to Professional Jeweller, owner of the namesake store, Nicholas Wylde, says the company’s 30th anniversary year was the best to date.

Both its stores, located in Bristol and Bath, posted record sales during the 12 months, and the owner is pleased to report 2018 has got off to a flying start too.


“We had our best year last year on record,” Wylde tells our editor. “We had our best Christmas in both shops, and was won best retailer in the whole of Bristol.”

During the anniversary year, Nicholas Wylde also scooped Designer-Maker Jewellery Boutique of the Year at the inaugural Professional Jeweller Awards.

Talking about the key to survival on today’s high street, Wylde says jewellers need to keep on investing, evolving, and inventing.

The retailer made a conscious decision 15 years ago to move away from brands, and become its own brand, which is something the owner says has proved very successful.

Now, Nicholas Wylde boutiques sell completely unique products, with the owner constantly designing new jewellery to keep windows fresh and interesting.

One of the store’s most popular products in the Wylde Flower diamond range. This collection, with a patented diamond, launched five years ago, and this month the jeweller is about to sell its 500th Wylde Flower diamond.

“We are just constantly just doing new things,” Wylde reveals. “This year we are spending our money on a new point of sale. We’ve got our 30 years over, and had big celebrations last year and won awards, but now we are planning for the next 30 years, so we’ve really got to update our POS which we have had for ten years, and make it slicker and quicker and bring in all the next tech.

“We are constantly trying to invest: putting new things in the window, keeping ourselves up to date, keeping the shops looking smart, training our staff, and we are doing a lot on social media. Investment doesn’t always mean or need money. We’ve actually done better since Brexit because we have actively worked hard. But if you are not doing very well it is very easy to find something to blame. But you’ve got to be positive and if you are being positive you can usually find a way around it. So yeah, there is a lot of uncertainty out there, but people have still got to get married, and still people shopping, and you’ve just got to find that slice of cake.”

With two strong stores now successfully running, the founder also has his eyes set on expansion.