Diamond specialist company SAND Diamonds will now offer the UK jewellery industry emeralds at competitive prices.

SAND Diamonds, which currently supplies the trade with large loose diamond stones (specialising in 3ct+) and ready-made jewellery, can now offer the UK market Colombian emeralds as well.

Due to a successful 2016, SAND Diamonds chief executive officers Dovi Friedmann wanted to expand and diversify the company, and offering emeralds was a natural next step as he has had a close working relationship with Bogota-based, fourth generation, emerald mining company ‘Emeralds & Emeralds’ for over seven years.


“I’m proud to be able to offer the UK market beautiful, Colombian emeralds,” explains Friedmann. “They are most sought after and often rare, and as with our concentration in larger and rarer diamonds, our emerald stock will concentrate on 2ct to 30ct stones, with the ability to supply smaller sizes and uncut emeralds too.”

He continues: “We have some interesting pieces arriving next week including a 4ct gem and a 288ct barroque. I’m excited to see the reaction and believe we are able to offer retailers and manufacturers increased choice with better pricing for one of the world’s most coveted gems.”

The head of Emeralds & Emeralds, Gonzalo Perila, will join Friedmann on visits to retailers across the UK until April 7.

Emeralds & Emeralds has offices in New York and Dubai, with supply extending to retailers and manufacturers in Europe, Russia, Asia and the Far East.

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