Sarah Ho, founder & CEO, Sarah Ho London.

Award-winning jewellery designer Sarah Ho has designed 12 pieces of high jewellery for Kimberlite Diamonds’ Harmony series.

The collection, which was unveiled at this year’s Baselworld, carries Chinese traditions into modern times with a blend of world trends.

The designs by Sarah Ho have been inspired by the ‘fortune of blooming flowers’, with the peony as the national flower of China said to bring wealth to all people. The 12-piece suite combines unique lines of the simple ancient art of paper cutting with the Chinese wisdom of ying and yang, light and dark, mirrored in diamonds and highly polished gold.


The Fortune of Blooming Flowers ring.

The ‘Exquisite Beauty’ suite uses elements of the peony with the ancient form of paper cutting in a clever composition to create fragrant, graceful flowers.

On April 28, the pieces will debut at the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing. This will be the first such launch to be held in the Imperial Palace, with a wonderful unparalled legendry diamond show.

Sarah Ho has been invited to attend as a special guest.

Ho comments: “I am honoured to have been involved with Kimberlite for this amazing project which will be part of a very unique museum Kimberlite are planning in Shanghai.

“It has allowed me to create beautiful masterpieces that bring my Chinese heritage and love of modern design together and will be a part of history forever.”

The Exquisite Beauty necklace.