Yorkshire-based jewellers Scarborough Time Centre has added a Bransom repairs to its store.

When Yorkshire’s Scarborough Time Centre opened 17 years ago, it was a single unit dealing exclusively with watches, and a large part of the business was repairs.

Now, the company has three units; the second which features designer brands was opened less than give years ago while the third, a Pandora store, opened in 2014.


Such is the increase in business that last year Mike Toshach added to the existing Bransom bsmart stock systems by investing in the Repairs module to replace the old system of handwritten receipts which were often getting lost by clients, and tracking which items were with which outworkers.

“We’re still seeing year-on-year growth despite the economic conditions, and are still expanding. We’ve been users of the Bransom stock system for many years and have always found it easy to use. Inputting stock is very easy, we can quickly see our end-of-month profit margin and identify our best-selling lines,” says Toshach.

“Adding the Repairs module was a natural choice. We can enter the repair into the system at the till, print or email a receipt, then automatically send the client a text to say ‘thank you’, often while they’re still in the shop – which impresses them!”

The Bransom software can also be used to allocate repairs to outworkers, adding estimated return dates which trigger progress reminders, then, once a repair is complete, a further text can be sent to the client to inform them the item is ready for collection.

“It’s working really well,” reports Toshach. “It’s been really helpful in a very short space of time, and the support from Bransom has been brilliant.”