Searches for pink sapphires increase following Princess Eugenie’s engagement


Online jewellery retailer Jewlr has witnessed an 85% increase in searches for pink sapphires following Princess Eugenie’s engagement.

As the royal’s engagement ring features a padparadscha sapphire, consumers have been looking for affordable replicas.

Recognising the demand, Jewlr launched a doppelganger of Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring last week, and instantly saw a surge in sales from UK consumers.

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Jewlr also had a great success with an affordable replica of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring, which quickly became a best-selling style – out performing other pieces by 20%. Furthermore, the online retailer witnessed a 50% increase in sales of a pair of earrings similar to ones spotted on Ms Markle almost immediately after she was photographed in them.

Jewlr founder, Tony Davis, shares: ‘Following the great success of our ‘Duchess’ ring, we decided to create a replica of Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring due to our UK customers demand for Royal lookalike styles. Luckily our production technology allows us to create replicas in record time and offer UK customers something near identical to what they see Royals wearing.

“With an exciting year ahead for the Royal family, we look forward to seeing more of their jewellery choices at public appearances and weddings.’

Princess Eugenie’s unusual choice of a padparadscha Sapphire follows an increasing trend for alternative engagement ring styles in the UK.

Jewlr released statistics last year that revealed its customers were starting to opt for coloured stones more frequently, with sales of birthstones in engagement rings such as sapphires and emeralds increasing by 25% year on year.

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