Second round opens at Goldsmith’s Fair


Designers join line up as positive reports flow back from week one.

The second round at Goldsmith’s Fair starts in London today, with a raft of new designers freshening up the line up at Goldsmiths’Hall.

This week the consumer selling show will add new names to its line up including Ornella Ianuzzi, Nicholas Yiannarakis, Ben Day, Polly Gaston and Jane Adam.

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The show opened last week with a host of well-known names such as David Marshall, David Webdale, Bobby White, Paul Spurgeon and David McCaul.

While reported to be quieter than previous years, last week saw jewellers at the consumer selling show doing good business. There was a steady flow of shoppers browsing the aisles during the day and the evening events proved particularly fruitful for sales.

Professional Jeweller Hot 100 NexGem David Webdale, who has been exhibiting at Goldsmiths’ Fair for four years, said that he had noticed an increase in commissions at the show this year. “There has been a considerable difference in the show this year,” said Webdale. “I’ve been approached to do more commissions.”

Silversmith Marianne Forrest, who took a range of handmade silver pocketwatches to the show, said that the show is often about more than just making sales. “It has been quieter than other years and you’ll get good days and bad days,” she said. “But sometimes its not about what you sell but who you meet and I’ve made some great contacts.”

The second leg of the Goldsmiths’ Fair will run until 6pm on Sunday.

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