Seek feedback and be adaptable to grow business

ChloBo’s Chloe Moss on the benefits of reacting to consumer demand.

By Chloe Moss

The world recession has created an incredibly challenging trading environment, forcing brands and retailers to adapt quickly and effectively in a constantly evolving industry.

Consumers have grown far more knowledgeable, researching brands and their products online first before going into stores to get the full purchase experience. As a result, they are noticeably more confident in their purchases, knowing the quality to expect and the styles they like. The modern shopper knows the brands they covet and are price savvy, so while offering a good product range is still essential, value is even more vital than ever.

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As a brand ChloBo constantly seeks feedback from its stockists and we adjust what we do based on their comments. This creates the customer loyalty to our brand that is an essential part of our ethos.

Despite the current shift to fashion-focused design, products must offer inherent value and stand the test of time as part of a collection. This change suits me as a young designer and means ChloBo as a brand can grow and relate to the consumer in a market that is changing daily. The ChloBo customer builds a core of sterling silver charm bracelets and bangles, and arranges these for a day or evening look with an individual and personalised feel. Some of our customers are reportedly still wearing their first purchases from nine years ago, which they mix with our latest season pieces, proving quality stands up to the ever-changing fashion industry and a timeless collection has great value to the consumer.

We have listened to customer demand and have decided to launch our first collection of gold vermeil designs this year. This will extended our customer base and broadens ChloBo’s brand appeal. Initial reaction from both retailers and customers has been positive, showing me that by moving with the ever-shifting industry we can create more opportunities to keep ahead of competitors. My brothers now work within the business as well and I will be seeking their input as my target male demographic in order to launch a new ChloBoy collection this year and expand into the men’s market further.

As a jewellery brand you need to be adaptable and make your brand accessible without ever compromising on quality, something ChloBo has always strived to achieve, researching and creating the next range and launch, and utilising all its resources, stockist and customer feedback to ensure company growth.

This column was taken from the April issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the digital edition click here




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