A Night with Beyonce will feature advertising trails by Seksy, from Sekonda.

Brand to feature its Seksy Ivory models during ITV airing.

Fashion watch brand Sekonda will sponsor a television show dedicated to pop star Beyonce this weekend, with a little help from its Seksy line of women’s watches.

The brand will feature its Ivory timepieces as part of a collaboration with the show which will follow an ‘audience with’ format, with Beyonce performing her greatest hits during the show. It will air on ITV on Sunday December 4.


Seksy watches will appear in short sponsorship trails at the beginning and end of every advertising break during the television show’s airing.

Sekonda has previously worked with television series Britain’s Next Top Model (BNTM), with one episode dedicated to the brand’s Partytime range of watches, during which the models donned the timepieces to create quirky advertising shots, that were then used by H Samuel earlier this year.