SEMINAR INSIGHT: Social media does not have to be time consuming


While social media is important to grow a business, it does not have to be as time consuming as some fear.

During a seminar at Jewellery & Watch presented by our editor, Stacey Hailes, social media experts Rosalind Shimmen and Georgia White revealed that there are ways for jewellery businesses with little time to still harness the power of social media.

Shimmen and White’s number one tip was, if you do not have time for social media, choose one platform to work on and make that medium the best it can be. To this end, they recommend jewellery businesses choose Instagram as it is visual, interactive, easy to use and can really show off what a brand or retailer does.

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In order to save time, Shimmen recommends that you set up a photo shoot, to whatever level you have the resources for, once a month to create all your Instagram pics for four weeks in under four hours. By doing this, you get all your content in one go and don’t have to be thinking about what to post every day. Furthermore, with the images ready to go, to use Instagram businesses will only need to be on social media for about 10 minutes a day.

Shimmen and White also suggest experimenting with the best time to send out your posts, to create maximum impact, and to post an image once or twice a day.

Other advice included only using hashtags in comments, so you can delete these after an hour when they become invalid, and not just posting pictures of jewellery but showing your followers you company’s personality and the type of customer experience you offer.

For businesses on all social media platforms, the duo recommended taking time each evening to interact with everyone who sends you a Tweet or comments on your Facebook page. This can just be a reply, a like, or going onto their profile and liking something they have done to show you care.

The experts did stress how important social media is, and if possible, it is worth spending as much time as you can on. However, if this is not possible for your company don’t miss out on the power of online, focus on making what you can do in the time you have as great as it can be and truly reflective of your company.

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