Servant left Lord’s fortune gives back emerald


Lord Glenconner’s disinherited grandson receives £200k after auction.

A servant who was left his employer’s entire fortune has given the proceeds of selling a 38ct emerald pendant back to the family, raising £200,000 for a disinherited grandson.

The story began last year when Lord Glenconner, a close friend of Princess Margaret, died aged 83 and it was discovered that he had changed his will seven months earlier to leave everything to his man servant Kent Adoni.

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The actions of Lord Glenconner meant that his grandson, 17-year-old Cody Glenconner who will become the new Baron Glenconner, has been in effect disinherited. The fortune should have been bequeathed to the grandson but the new will left him with nothing.

Lord Glenconner’s widow Lady Anne Glenconner was reported to have been upset by her husband’s actions and told the Daily Mail that she hoped Adoni “would do the right thing”.

Adoni, who grew up in a shanty town in the Caribbean, has kept the money left to him by his employer, but he has given a portion of it to Cody Glenconner. The estate he was left included a 38ct emerald pendant from the treasury of an 18th century Indian prince called Tipu Sultan, also known as The Tiger of Mysore, and Adoni dedicated the proceeds of the sale of it to the grandson.

The pendant was put up for auction in London at Bonhams, where Lady Glenconner was in attendance. The pendant, which the eccentric Lord Glenconner would wear along with a decorative turban, sold for more than double its estimate at £200,000.

Adoni, who cannot read or write, will keep the rest of the late Lord’s estate, which includes a house and 27 acres of grounds in St Lucia. He has also pocketed £1 million after selling of other items belonging to Lord Glenconner, also sold through Bonhams.

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