Seven arrested in Hatton Garden raid investigation

The Met Police has announced that seven suspects in the Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Ltd raid have been arrested.

The contents of 56 safety deposit boxes were stolen during the carefully orchestrated attack on the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

12 addresses in the London and Kent areas were raided by more than 200 police officers at approximately 10.30hrs on Tuesday May 19.

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Seven British men were arrested aged between 48 and 76, and a number of high value items were recovered.

Police Commander Peter Spindler, head of serious and organised crime, described the police operation as “highly complex”.

He said: “There has been much public speculation over recent weeks and I am sorry that we have appeared tight lipped but this has been a very complex case with many lines of inquiry. I want to publicly thank the many officers from the Flying Squad who have put their lives on hold to ensure that the victims of this callous crime get the justice they deserve.”


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  1. Yanky Symons said:

    I have just chatted to a member of the Flying Squad who told me that they have seized “bags and bags” of valuables – some contained many gems. They reckon they might be holding most of the loot. But given that the valuables are all jumbled together if could take them months to verify the owner of each item and return it to them.
    The Police must be congratulated on this. In similar heists both here and around the world stolen items are rarely found and returned even when the culprits are ultimately caught. So this really is a thumbs up to the Met.


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