Shake off that Britishness and boost your sales


Let’s not forget that people buy from people

By Ash Allibhai

It has often been said that unlike our American cousins, us Brits are not really in touch with our emotions. And this can show in retail, with British shop assistants often failing to strike up a rapport with shoppers – a crucial sales error.

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Selling the emotion and building a rapport with customers will not only lead to more sales, but can also lead to repeat business. As trading conditions are extremely tough and more and more consumers are shopping online, retailers need to give a little bit of that personal touch to make consumers have the most pleasurable buying experience possible.

Extra-special service is even more important in jewellery and watch retailing as in our industry we deal with emotional product; from a man buying his beloved a commitment or engagement ring, to a women buying an opulent statement piece to give her that extra confidence in her little black dress, or a grandparent buying a special watch as a graduation present. Whatever the scenario, consumers buy jewellery and watches on an emotional level.

Shoppers enjoy talking to sales advisors or style advisors about products, and they like it when shop assistants speak passionately and enthusiastically about a rare set of stones used in a particular necklace, or what the best diamond cut on a wedding ring is. The more enthused staff are about a product, the more enthused the customer will be.

While there is more specialist knowledge required for selling jewellery and watches, such as gemmology skills or knowledge of watch movements, basic good sales techniques are easy to achieve. Once you’ve got the specialist knowledge mastered all you need is a bit of warmth, charm and personality. You’ve heard that old phrase, people buy from people, well I can honestly say that this is true. It has certainly helped me out a lot in my career.

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