Revamped site has been optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Shamballa Jewels has unveiled a new website, optimized for smartphones and tablets, that is designed to help the jewellery brand connect with its ‘globetrotter’ fans.

New features include a photo gallery that functions as an online catalogue, high definition photos that allow for a closer look at jewellery details, advanced search filters, videos from Shamballa Jewels’ atelier, a media library navigable by years and titles, options to like and share pictures on social networks, and a journal.


The company stated that the Journal is an ‘invitation into Shamballa Jewels’ universe.’ All Shamballa Jewels employees will take turns to share pictures of travels, people, places, inspirational styles and vignettes from daily lives.

The visually rich format has been designed to enables a closer glimpse into Shamballa Jewels’ surroundings, motivations and what inspires it to make the kind of jewellery that it makes.

In line with Shamballa Jewels design philosophy, the website combines oriental spirituality with Scandinavian design.

The company’s Scandinavian heritage is visible in the minimalist structure while the oriental is referenced in the website’s interface details and images that have been included to create a calm, elevated atmosphere.