British jewellery designer Shaun Leane has revealed he now keeps Meghan Markle in mind when designing new pieces as her royal seal of approval has led to a spike in sales.

The Duchess of Sussex has been spotted in Shaun Leane designs on several occasions, and now has become a muse for the designer.

He tells People magazine that Markle is, “the woman I have in mind when I design.”


He says of her style: “’She dresses very elegantly, very chic, with very clean lines but with a really nice strong silhouette. It’s very confident.’

Meghan Markle is not the first celeb to be spotted in Shaun Leane products, but her endorsement of the brand has definitely raised the brand’s profile.

The royal is often spotted wearing the firm’s yellow gold vermeil talon earrings, which were a gift from a close friend. After the Duchess was first seen in these, the earrings sold out in all four metal options.

As the Duchess has worn the Talon earrings on more than one occasion, she has given Shaun Leane a real royal seal of approval.

The designer continues to tell People magazine: “I’ve dressed a lot of people, but the effect of dressing someone like Meghan is unbelievable.

“It opens you up to a whole new demographic because she is on the global stage.”

Meghan Markle also wore bracelets by the designer on her royal tour to New Zealand and Australia, and frequently adorns outfits with Shaun Leane’s Signature Tusk bangle.