Birmingham City Council is the inaugural winner of new award.

By Deepa Narwani

The Sheffield Assay Office has designed the first Touchstone Award, which celebrates excellence in innovation within the hallmark industry.


The award, a 12-inch silver dish worth £3,500, was presented to winner Birmingham City Council by the British Hallmarking Council for its campaign for targeting unhallmarked jewellery within the city.

The award, made by Carrs Silver of Sheffield, bears the hallmarks of the four UK Assay Offices in Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Sheffield, as well as the Diamond Jubilee mark.

Ashley Carson, assay master at the Sheffield Assay Office, said: “This city has a rich heritage in precious metals and silver, so we felt it was only right that the award was designed and made here. Our assay office has been here in the city for almost a quarter of a millennium, and we maintain the same level of high standards and integrity within the hallmarking industry that we always have.”