Orkney-based jewellery brand Sheila Fleet has announced the launch of its new and updated website, with over 300 new products already added.

The company added that it is only getting started on its post-Covid expansion, as it advised that fans should look out for more brand updates in the coming months.

Over a year in development, the website has a host of new features, improved navigation and refreshed jewellery content, the brand revealed in a statement.


Kenny Ritch, Sheila Fleet’s digital development manager, headed up the project and worked closely with NB Communication, the Shetland-based digital marketing agency that developed the site.

Ritch commented: “At the heart of the website are Sheila’s beautiful jewellery designs. We’ve not only improved how well those look in the new design, but also how easily they can be found.

“We got over 2,000 responses to a survey asking our customers what they liked about our website, what they didn’t like, and what they wanted to see more of.

“That invaluable information, combined with the improvements we already wanted to make, helped shape the many new features we’ve now added.”

Sheila Fleet’s website now boasts more jewellery products than ever, including its new Bumblebee collection.

Addtionally, gift vouchers can also be bought online for use on the website or in one of the brand’s Scottish stores, and there are now payment options in multiple currencies.

Meanwhile, Alex Fenton, account executive and resource manager for NB Communication, which designed the website, commented: “It’s been a huge pleasure for NB to assist Sheila Fleet Jewellery with the development of their new website.

“In particular, it has been extremely rewarding to create an improved and more engaging experience for customers whilst also providing Sheila Fleet staff with more streamlined and flexible back-office processes.”