Sterling silver charity necklace to raise money for Mary’s Meals.

Jewellery manufacturer Shetland Jewellery has created a ‘world’ locket to raise funds for Mary’s Meals – a charity that aims to feed hungry children around the globe.

Based in the remote Shetland Isles in Northern Scotland, Shetland Jewellery has created a sterling silver locket in the shape of a globe, with a detailed heart design on the inside and outside.


Priced at £49.95, the locket will be available across Shetland Jewellery’s retail network and online. 40% of each sale will benefit Mary’s Meals.

Mary’s Meals sets up and runs school feeding programmes in communities where hunger and poverty prevent children from gaining an education. The international charity currently provides over 900,000 children with a nutritional daily meal in a place of education, across five continents.

A Shetland Jewellery spokesperson commented: “We are delighted to be supporting Mary’s Meals to help make the charity’s vision a reality. With the average cost to feed a child with Mary’s Meals so low, each sale of the locket will almost be able to feed two children for a year – meaning each person that purchases one will not only be receiving a handcrafted piece of jewellery, they will really be making a big difference to people who have very little in the World.”

Mary’s Meals founder Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, said: “Today, around the world, 57 million children miss school because of poverty. Instead of sitting in a classroom getting an education, they are working in fields, begging on street corners, or scavenging among the garbage to survive.”