Sterling silver and gold vermeil line combines pearls, flowers & bows.

Jewellery brand SHO is set to launch a feminine collection of jewellery called Florabella at International Jewellery London (IJL) in September – a new silver and rose gold vermeil range featuring floral designs, pink pearls and pastel coloured gemstones.

The Florabella collection is said to be inspired by English country gardens, something that influenced the brand’s founder and creative director Sarah Ho, who moved to the UK from her native Macau.


The pieces are inspired by bluebells, daisies and buttercups – representative of “childhood innocence and humility”.

The name Florabella has links to the Roman Goddess of Flowers.

The collection, a more feminine turn for the brand, is said to represent “another life chapter” for Ho, sitting alongside her Coin, Mari, Clementina, Five Blessings, Origami and Casino collections.

Ho’s work is said to be autobiographical, referencing her family, her roots and her changing lifestyle.

The Florabella is made in sterling silver or silver with 18ct gold rose vermeil and integrates combinations of rhodolite, smoky quartz, white topaz and pale pink pearls.

The collection is a reaction to silver sales, which the brand says “continue to flourish”, while the use of rose gold is said to add a soft and elegant touch with a vintage feel adding a new dimension to the SHO range.

The range will be unveiled at IJL at the Sarah Ho Couture stand.