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‘Shop early, start wrapping, enjoy Christmas’ says new British Retail Consortium campaign


The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has launched a new campaign designed to encourage the public to shop earlier in the year for Christmas 2020.

The aim of the new national advertising campaign is to spread footfall and demand out across autumn in what is consistently the busiest period of the year.

The BRC hopes that this will mean a more manageable Christmas rush from late November onwards, helping shoppers and retailers to adhere to social distancing measures.

“Encouraging the public to start early and spread their shopping, is just another way retailers are trying to create a safe and pleasant shopping experience for customers,” the BRC wrote in a statement.

Helen Dickinson, chief executive of the BRC, said: “Whilst celebrations will no doubt be a little different this year, we know customers want to keep Christmas special.

“That’s why we’re encouraging people to shop early and prevent the last minute rush so their fellow customers and all the store colleagues, warehouse workers and delivery drivers working behind the scenes, have the space they need to stay safe and well.

“BRC’s September sales figures show signs some customers have already started a little earlier than usual, as spreading your Christmas shopping has many benefits in today’s climate – from safety to managing finances.

“However, we want more people to embrace the true Christmas spirit, think of others and shop early, start wrapping and most of all enjoy Christmas – however they are celebrating.”


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