With the uncertainty of Brexit and the growth of online sales, jewellery retail staff need to work harder than ever before to secure in store sales.

Managing director of customer service training company Virada, Debbie Barrow says: “Gone are the days where you’ve got 50 people walking in all ready to spend money with you, you’ve got to be a lot more savvy than that now.”

With an increasing number of customers looking online, there is never a greater need for sales staff to be experts in helping customers make decisions in store.


According to Barrow, research suggests that consumers are 50% further along the buying decision than they used to be when they set foot in a store. This can be an advantage or disadvantage for jewellery retail staff.

“The internet issue is not going to go away and it is having a real impact on stores and stores are trying to do everything they possibly can to get people into the store,” Barrow explains. “It [customer service] is more of an art than it ever was before.”

She continues: “Selling, because of the online competition and all these different challenges that are coming, requires sales people to be more than just the old type of sales person standing behind the counter waiting for a person to come in the store. It needs to have someone that is very switched on, very driven, very determined, very confident to go out and get customers.”

For Barrow it comes down to mindset training, alongside sales training. Staff need to be confident, motivated and resilient to strive in today’s retail environment.

Professional Jeweller will feature Debbie Barrows key sales advice in the upcoming August issue.