Shoppers ambushed by 3D holograms


Unique 3D display by Holiton shows for DeBeers in Japan.

Holiton has brought 3D technology to DeBeers in Japan, producing the first stereoscopic display for both Japan and the international jewellery industry.

The film is being shown on customised Alioscopy screens, which remove the need for 3D glasses, in the store’s shop windows.

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It has been created in celebration of 120 years of diamond craftsmanship and is part of a De Beers exhibition, launched this month, in renowned department store, Isetan, in Tokyo.

The Art of Craftsmanship exhibition will run until July 21 and aims to provide consumers an insider view of De Beers Diamond Jewellery through photography and multimedia displays.

The cutting-edge technology has never before been seen in Japan and is a first for the jewellery world. The stereoscopic 3D film is shown on a continuous loop and seeks to capture the most intricate details of the DeBeers jewellery.

The film was created by Holition, a company that markets a 3D virtual reality application allowing customers to ‘try on’ luxury goods such as diamonds, jewellery and watches.

Using a computer with a webcam, Holition combines live video with high definition 3D products, technical specifications and branded content to provide the futuristic retail experience.

The computer’s screen acts as a mirror, reflecting the consumer’s moving image, so they can see themselves in the act of trying on a virtual watch or piece of jewellery.

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