Emerging wellbeing brand, Shree Jewellery, has extended its product offering following a positive launch into the market.

The brand, which launched originally just with bracelets, has now introduced a new 50 piece pendants and earrings collections.

25 pendants in three key designs have been crafted with a mix of colourful and energy filled natural gemstones, carefully hand picked for the wellbeing of the wearer. Each pendant design comes with matching stud, hook or drop earrings.


Carefully marrying modern contemporary designs with centuries old traditions, Shree has captured the market with its holistic range of jewellery. The modern designs and stones are made for daily wear so the stones can naturally work with the wearers mind, body, heart and soul focal in order to energise and rejuvenate the wearer at all times.

Shree founder Krupa Purohit says: “This is a really exciting range and is already popular with retailers. They are now able to sell these pieces and match the bracelets up with the pendants promoting up selling and add on sales.

“The supporting description cards have been a huge success as well educating the retailer to be able to confidently sell the pieces. In return customers are reading the strengths which are in the stones for their betterment and selecting jewellery on those grounds.”

Ingledews Jewellers in Darlington has already signed to stock the new line.

Shree will add natural stone rings and men’s cufflinks ahead of the lucrative Christmas trading period.

Purohit  adds: “We are so pleased with the direction the brand has taken this year and is pleased that retailers not only accept our products but also our vision and core message which is the key foundation of Shree.”

View the new range here: