Family jewellery business Shree Jewellery has opened up a new channel of communication with customers in the form of a WhatsApp chat.

The company is distributing a WhatsApp invite in the form of a link, which customers can then use to contact the jeweller.

The business explained that after a recent increase in sales it wanted to take a further step in interacting directly with its end customers.


“On the request of our direct customers,” it explained, “we have set up a WhatsApp group for Shree Jewellery. Customers can now recieve daily updates, see regular product images, directly send us enquiries and place orders with us.”

It said that of the hundreds of requests it gets from customers for bespoke pieces, most start with an email but quickly move to WhatsApp.

It now hopes the app will be an even greater marketing and communication tool as the business strives to grow.