An independent jewellery retailer in Shrewsbury is to close its shop in the coming weeks as it moves instead to selling only online.

The owners of Gemstone said that they would not renew their lease after failing to agree favourable terms with the site’s owner.

Dave and Kathy Forshaw told the Shropshire Star that they wanted to negotiate a lease on a rolling basis instead of the five year lease proposed. Mrs Forshaw added that the current climate on the high street put them off from signing a five year deal.


Gemstone reportedly plans to build up its ecommerce business and the owners propose to sell their jewellery from their home.

The jewellery retailer has been operating in Shrewsbury for 18 years and expects to close its doors around the second week of March.

Mrs Forshaw told the Shropshire Star that the couple are excited for the future of their business and that in addition to jewellery discounts, display cabinets are up for sale.