Users of 3Design CAD software will be able to find out more about the programme in a dedicated digital event this month.

Sierra Consultancy, UK distributor of jewellery design software, will host an online event on 15 November.

The our 3Design Digital Event will run from 9am-3pm and will leave users of the software more confident in using it for jewellery design purposes.


Special promotional codes are available to those who register and attend the event, the company said, while those interested can register here:

Together with Gravotech Marking, the developers of 3Design CAD software, Sierra Consultancy and 3Desc will be a part of the all-day live presentations.

The schedule for the event will be as follows:
09:00-09:30     3Design Introduction
09:30-10:15     Parametric 3Design creation
10:15-10:45     3Shaper introduction
10:45-11:15     DeepImage introduction
11:15-12:00     3Design Version 9 versus Version 10

13:00-13:45     Advanced 3Design creation
13:45-14:15     Expert tips and tricks
14:15-14:30     Special offer codes
14:30-15:00     Q&A session

For any questions, please contact Sierra Consultancy:

To give the company a review, head to:

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